Friday, April 8, 2011


On December 11th, 2010, I fell and injured myself quite substantially. The worst injury was my left arm which they had thought was just a bad sprain with a  fractured wrist and a fractured, dislocated  elbow and chip. It is now April. I was suppose to be healed, but I am still in pain and unable to use this hand. So my Orthopedic surgeon sent me to a wrist specialist, who ordered an MRI which now shows a lot more damage to the wrist, including a dislocated bone, excess fluid, a torn and dangling TFCC stuck and folded into my joint and some ligament damage. All of this will need to be repaired with surgery if I am ever to have use of my left hand and arm again. Plus the surgeon says I will be pain free once I get through all the rehab. But time is of the essence, as it has already been 4 months, the surgeon says it should have been repaired then, but now there are more complications. 

My surgeon and Peak One Surgery Center have been working with me to get me the best financial discounts in order to have this surgery. However, I haven't been able to work due to this injury, and now after this surgery there is a 6 month recovery time. I need help. I can still paint a bit, and I would encourage everyone to pick out and buy one of their favorite paintings; just browse thru my blog. Another option is that I am presently painting some floral abstracts for cards. These are ORIGINAL paintings in a small format of 4 x 6 inches inserted into a card-stock photo frame. I am asking $15.00/per card as a donation to help with my surgery costs. You can contact me for more information/purchase or visit Stone Path Gardens in Colorado Springs, CO to pick out some cards.

UPDATE, April 29, 2011:
I have now had the surgery, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THOSE WHO DONATED OR BOUGHT PAINTINGS!!!! I needed just under $3,000.00 for the down payment, paid at the surgery center. Now, I have LARGE monthly payments of at least $1,200.00/per month, (It maybe more depending on unexpected surgery costs...) for May, June, & July, and then $545.00/month for August, September & October. In addition, I have payments to the Salida hospital of $77.00/month. I cannot work waiting tables with my wrist recuperating and under going more procedures over the next 6 months. I will be painting again as soon as possible, and SINCERELY APPRECIATE any painting purchases or commissions to help me pay for these large medical expenses.

UPDATE 6-8-2011:  Surgery bill that arrived is 4 times the amount I was expecting.....

UPDATE 7 -15-11: DR now says it will take a year from my surgery date to regain full use of my wrist/hand/arm....... and I was counting on the 6 month deadline.....

UPDATE 9-9-11: Wrist bone has been popping up to the skin again, went to see my surgeon again. He took x-rays. They showed the bone in about the SAME POSITION AS BEFORE THE SURGERY! So after all this time, pain and expense, it looks like nothing has changed. He said to keep doing physical therapy and see him in November.

UPDATE 11-11-11:  DR now says I need another surgery. Bone is still dislocated and ligaments still not attached. (elbow still has issues too) He doesn't want to operate again until at least June or July of 2012. So in the meantime I am still injured and need to be very careful not to injure it any further. I do not understand WHY this surgery did not work. And I do not understand WHY I have to wait another 8 months to have surgery which will mean another 8 months to a year for it to heal after surgery..... 
Visit my new website to see more of my paintings:

You can also visit my Etsy site, (another selling site) and purchase a small painting there:

You can send me a check for your purchase also, if you do not want to use PayPal, just E-mail me which painting you are buying ( and then pop the check in the mail. My address is: PO BOX 1231, Salida, CO 81201

4 x 6 Original Oil
Card Example (all will be different, I will post some others later)
Oil is painted on primed watercolor paper and inserted into a card-stock photo card.
Cost is $15.00

Comments from folks who know me:
I sincerely hope that everyone will join me in a chance to help Susan. You can feel the joy and love she puts into her beautiful art. An operation is a must, and mighty expensive. We want to see a continued output of wonderful paintings. Sincerely, Sharyn Lightfoot

Susan, Your kind, generous spirit is an inspiration and I will be happy to help 

you with a donation and to spread the word. My very best wishes for your speedy 

recovery sweet girl.! Donna Spray  

Monday, April 4, 2011

Small paintings available on ETSY, Minature Paintings, Original Oil Paintings, Flower Paintings, Animal Paintings, Bird Paintings, Selling Site, Susan Spohn Paintings

I am posting some of my small paintings, 7 x7's and 5 x 7's, on my ETSY site. It is easier to browse thru these paintings in my shop on Etsy, so take a look, find your favorite, and purchase! It's easy and fun.

(This Flamingo painting is sold. However, if you are interested in Flamingo's, I can paint others.)