Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pikes Peak Art Fest

I will be participating in another outdoor arts festival this 4th of July weekend. The show runs, Sat, Sun, and Monday--- the 4th of July. Come by and look at my paintings. The link above gives more information and a map.

The following is a PDF copy of the handout for the festival:  http://pikespeakartsfest.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/PPAFPULLOUT2011-11.pdf
 My booth as it looked at the show.

Backyard Bantum

Backyard Bantum
7 x 7
Oil on Board

I really liked the strutting pose of this bird. A fellow artist posted a series of reference photos of her backyard flock. And I think this fellow has the great All American Rooster look about him. Sometimes, when I am at an outdoor art show, I seem to here a lot of comments as to why I only have one chicken painting... as it seems folks like to put lots of chickens in their kitchens.  Well, that makes sense, they are colorful and interesting with great personalities; and what better way to start your day than admiring a great chicken painting! This painting is for sale for $85.00 and includes free shipping in the Continental USA.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Western Scrub Jay, Song Birds, Blue Bird Paintings, Western Paintings, Woods, Nature Paintings, Wildlife Paintings, Minature Paintings

Western Scrub Jay
7 x 7
Oil on Board

With so much going on today (Salida Art Walk), (miniature auction--my 2 donations did well in $$$ raised), (an art reception at the Steamplant featuring 2 artists friends) (and the heat!), I am surprised that I was able to paint. Ah, but somehow, I managed to do another small painting.

Whenever you go camping around here you will no doubt see a scrub jay or two begging for bread, or just swooping down to try and grab some of your garbage.  I like this pose for the scrub jay, as he waits patiently in a tree, just observing.

The first image was taken right after painting, the second a day later  outside as the painting is drying.... and then I will post a final painting here once the painting is completely dry so you can hopefully see how the colors intensify and deepen....OK, I have posted the dried painting as the 3rd image. It was darkening with clouds outside, so the actual painting is brighter than this photo.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cedar Waxwing, Song Bird

Cedar Waxwing
7 x 7
Oil on Board
I really liked how this Cedar Waxwing bird nearly disappeared into its surroundings, even though it is quite colorful. I seem to be painting a lot of birds lately, but find there is so much variety and color that they are difficult to resist. This painting is for sale for $85.00 and includes free shipping in the Continental USA.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beauty Among the Thistles, Goldfinch, Atmospheric Paintings, Impressionisstic Paintings, Bird Paintings, Wildflower Paintings, Foggy Paintings, Thistle Paintings, Daisy Paintings, Goldfinch, Birds, Songbirds,

Beauty Among the Thistles
Oil  on Board
30 x 30
This is a different look for one of my paintings. And I like to experiment, when I find a subject or scene that really gets my attention. In this instance, there was a hazy, dreamy quality to this scene with a brilliantly colored goldfinch munching on thistle seeds. There is a peaceful and calm presence to this setting, and I hope you will enjoy this moment in time. Comments? This painting is for sale. $700.00 Contact me by e-mail for purchase and more information. 
A couple close-ups:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Lesser Goldfinch

A Lesser Goldfinch
7 x 7
Oil on Board

Back to painting again today.... between doctor visits, physical therapy, and some how managing to do an art show up in Denver.... I have been very distracted by other matters. I liked my reference photo for this painting, a bird balancing on the tops of a flowering butterfly bush, the bird in pretty yellows, the bush in vibrant complimentary purples.  This painting is for sale for $85.00 and includes free shipping in the Continental USA. Contact me by e-mail to purchase, or use the PAYPAL button below.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


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