Monday, September 26, 2011

Barnyard Scene, Farm Animal Paintings, Children's Paintings, Kitchen Paintings, Chickens, Roosters, Mixed Media Paintings, Contemporary Painting

Barnyard Scene
12 x 12
Oil on Paper and Board

Here is another experiment with oil on paper and board in a more realistic manner. Again you can see all the under lying texture created by using the paper. And you can see where pieces of the paper show through the oil paint. I am on the fence as to whether or not this really works with this painting. But it turned out to be a cute scene with all the chickens and the sheep. The reference photo of the sheep was the main inspiration for this painting, the chickens were just support players.  This painting is for sale for $150.00.  Copyright 2012, by the artist, Susan M. Spohn

Friday, September 23, 2011

Longhorn Cow, Western Paintings, Oil Paintings, Cattle Paintings, Mixed Media Painting, Blue, Green, Brown, Earth Tone Paintings,

5 x 7
Oil and Paper on Board
Today's painting was a quick experiment using a new technique of painting with oils on sections of paper adhered to board. I like the abstract and modern quality this technique gives my art, but found it more difficult when painting a piece this small. This process does add more texture, and unexpected design with color as bits of the paper show through and I will continue to explore this painting method. This painting is for sale for $55.00 and includes free shipping in the Continental USA.
Copyright 2012, by the artist, Susan M. Spohn

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stone Path Gardens

 I drove to Colorado Springs yesterday to deliver some of my floral paintings to Stone Path Gardens. This is a delightful gardening shop with a small cafe in back on an upper level. They have beautiful flowers, garden plants, oddities, and landscape plants. The owner Eddie is delightful, and all of their help is knowledgeable and fun.

 Here are some of the paintings that will be showing at their garden center.

 Their location is just outside Old Colorado City.

They are having a terrific sale right now on plants for your garden and gardening supplies.

You can visit Stone Path Gardens online at:
Visit them today and see my paintings! They are also carrying my small original oil painting cards, specially priced for only $15.00. They also have special prices on my other small paintings.