Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Meeting

Sunday Meeting, 6x6 inches, oil on panel
$40.00 plus $5.00 shipping, $85.00 Framed

Well here are those geese again. There are so many of them all about Sands Lake where I like to go walking.  I seem to have my camera with me quite frequently and cannot resist taking their photos. Today several of the geese were congregating as if they were having a meeting. They seemed to be speaking to each other in low voices...  Contact me for shipping information outside the Continental USA. This piece will be varnished and have a traditional wire hanging system on the back. To purchase visit my ETSY shopping site: Susan Spohn's Etsy Shopping Site. Just click on the painting you wish to purchase. Visit my FASO website for more information on my 6x6 inch daily paintings also: SPOHNSTUDIO.COM

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Yellow Chick

Yellow Chick, 6x6 inches, oil on panel
$40.00 plus $5.00 shipping, Framed price is $85.00

I just love little chicks! Who can resist them? So soft and roundish, peeping and running about, they are just amazing. Today's little yellow chick was caught posing by itself away from its brother's and sisters. Perhaps tomorrow I will try a for a group of chicks....... Contact me for more information, and for shipping prices outside of the Continental USA. 719-539-7120

Friday, September 28, 2012

Poppy Minuet

Poppy Minuet, 6x6 inches, oil on panel

Red poppies are one of the most cheerful and welcoming signs of summer. Their petals flutter in the breeze and their amazing red colors are a delight. This painting is for sale for $40.00 unframed and $85.00 framed. Contact me to purchase. Or visit my FASO website to purchase: SPOHNSTUDIO.COM

Zinnia Pot

Zinnia Pot, 6x6 inches, Oil on panel
$40.00 unframed, $85.00 framed

With the frosts at night my flower pots will not last much longer, so I decided to do a quick painting of these lovely small zinnias. Lots of texture and warmth, the flowers are still holding out hope for a warm fall. Contact me regarding shipping or visit my shopping site on Etsy to purchase: SUSAN's ETSY SITE

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sping Blossoms with Goldfinch

Spring Blossoms with Goldfinch
7 x 16 inches
oil on wood panel

It is Fall and I am painting Spring time paintings, go figure.... Anyway, this is a softly colored reminder of springtime. My guess is that we will need this breath of spring in a couple months when winter has piled snow and ice upon the lands. This painting is for sale for $140.00, contact me to purchase.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Booth Photos, Estes Park

 Potential customers viewing a painting.

 Bright sun hit my booth in the morning.

My booth as the sun swung around more to the south.

Weather  for my Estes Park Fine Art Festival was cool at night and hot during the day. It was a fun festival to do as I knew a lot of other artists at the show. I did have a corner booth... but could not use the South side because of the intense sun.

I was busy answering questions about pet portraits and handing out pet portrait postcards. Now is the time to order your pet portrait. Christmas will be here soon.  For more information visit my website:    Visit the page on animals.

Pet Portraits:  basic size is 7 x 7, oil on wood panel. This size is for one pet and the cost is $85.00. If you would like to put 2 pets in one painting, the size would be 8 x 10 ($125.00)  or 12 x 12. ($150.00). Three animals or fewer (see Star's Garden) could be painted on the 15 x 15 size also and the price would be $225.00. Free shipping is included for the Continental USA on the 7 x 7 inch pet portrait.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Party Bouquet

Party Bouquet
18 x 24 inches
Oil on Wood Panel

This is a festive bouquet sitting on a table while everyone is getting ready for a party. Although the bouquet is colorful and joyful, it is only one ingredient for the party. This painting is painted with painting knives and brushes so there is a wide variety of textures. This painting has sold. Thank you for your interest.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Botanical Contest -- Special Recognition Award

I was honored recently to win a Special Recognition Award for Outstanding Art from the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery. The contest was the Botanicals Art Competition. My painting, 'Mouse in the Yarrow Garden' was selected for this award. To visit the site and view all the winning paintings click this link. 

'Mouse in the Yarrow Garden'
18 x 18, oil on wood panel

Treasure Hunt!

Philippe Boutry, a gentleman in France, has designed a wonderful Treasure Hunt with riddles in French. He is using my painting, "7 Geese in the Library Garden" for his poster. If you speak french, this will be a fun game for you. Sign up now. He encourages folks to work in teams. After you solve all 60 riddles in order, you will have the clues to find where in France he has buried the white ceramic goose.
 7 Geese in the Library Garden
artist, Susan Spohn
oil on wood panel
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Here is the riddle answer to #37:


The portrait shows Barack Obama several years before he became president.
In his White House office, near his desk he hung a Childe Hassam's painting : "The Avenue in the rain".


So we must find which painting was hung at this place when G.W.Bush was president and which was replaced by Obama.
It was a painting of an impressionist texan painter : "Near San Antonio" by Julian Onderdonk.
(you see the 2 different paintings on the left of the desk on the 2 last photos : Obama with G.W.Bush an Obama with Hillary Clinton)


On his 30th birthday Onderdonk was offered his portrait by his art teacher WILLIAM MERRITT CHASE.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


 Here I am in my booth next to my ribbon for Best of Fine Art for the CommonWheel Labor Day Festival in Manitou Springs, CO.

My booth at this show.

My front display panel.

Another portion of my booth.

This is a fun show. I have lots of artist friends who participate. Crowds were down this year, but it was pretty hot outdoors. Hoping this heat and drought lets up soon.