Thursday, March 31, 2011

Booth Photo at the Las Cruses Art Show

This is a booth photo of my art at the New Mexico Las Cruces Art Show last weekend. The paintings are larger than they look, because I have 8 foot tall show panels. The front floral diptych is 5 ft in length. My next art show will be in June in downtown Denver, CO

A local TV station did some interviews and shot some footage of the show. My booth is at the end of the clip, this was when I was still getting my booth set up for the day, so I wasn't paying attention to the person shooting this film.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pet Portraits, Black and White Cat

Donna's Cat
7 x 7 (oil on board)
My friend and fellow artist, Donna, displayed this portrait of her cat (Lightning) that I painted last month, in her booth while we were showing at our recent show in Las Cruses, NM. She had so many customers interested in the painting, that she sent them over to my booth to inquire about pet portraits. So for a limited time, you too can have your pet immortalized in oil paint in an artsy manner, like Donna's cat, Lightning. Send me several good photos (preferably head shots) by e-mail, or if you prefer, regular postal mail (PO Box 1231, Salida, CO 81201) Please write down your pet's true eye color, as it is often difficult to discern in a photo. Also, please include your e-mail address or phone number in case I have additional questions. These will be pet portraits done on 7 x7 board and they will only cost $85.00, including free shipping in the Continental USA. (if you would like a larger size portrait, such as a 15 x 15 the cost will be $225.00 and there will be a small shipping charge)

Send me the name of your pet also, so I can title the painting. Send your information to:
To pay for your pet portrait here on-line, just click the size of portrait you want and then the  BUY NOW button below, and make sure you leave you address, e-mail and phone #. I look forward to receiving your pet photos!


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Custom Paintings

I also can paint a custom painting for your home or business. Let me know the approximate size that you need, and what style, or subject matter you prefer. You can browse through  some of my blog pages to get an idea of some of my previous paintings. I would love to converse with you about what kind of painting you would like to see on your wall. (YES, I can match decorative colors from your room and furnishings too!)

Some Options:

 1.) This painting can be painted in my typical manner on beveled board, painted black on all sides, varnished and does not need to be framed.

2.) You may want a diptych or triptych. (2 or 3 paintings making one scene/painting)

3.) Another option, similar to a diptych, are my series paintings. Where I paint and then arrange and combine several 7 x 7 paintings on one elongated black, beveled board. This can be a horizontal  long painting or a vertical long painting.

4.) Pet portraits: please see my earlier blog entry for details.

5.) Another new option would be to have a smaller, normally horizontal painting mounted on board, free-floating on another beveled black board, that can have a natural wood edging. 

Please e-mail me for information on pricing, shipping, down-payments, split payments, and painting times.

♥ Susan

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Charlie (the roof-top kitty)
5 x 7
oil on board
Today's painting is from a reference photo I took of Charlie, our stray, feral cat that lives on our roof outside of my painting studio. He is sort of a scruffy looking cat, normally dirty from rolling in the dust, but a large cat, now over-weight since he gets regular meals. He has the ability to jump from roof-top to roof-top across our neighbors houses and sheds. He has striking yellow-green eyes, and a nice pattern of gray spots on his overall white fur. This painting is for sale for $55.00 and includes free shipping in the Continental USA. Contact me by e-mail for more information:

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Old Fashion Garden

Old Fashion Garden
15 x 15
oil on board
This painting took off all on it's own today. My original idea was to paint the lady in the old-fashion dress in a garden.... then as I started the painting... the other girl in white showed up and then the older gentleman and then the cat came strolling into the painting... hmmmm... My original intent was to have a lot more flowers located in the center, but decided to just add the long grass instead. (who knows what else would have appeared?)  This painting is for sale AT A DISCOUNT PRICE OF  $195.00  Contact me for more information.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

Watching Seagulls

Watching Seagulls
15 x 15
oil on board
Today's painting is one I actually started yesterday. I was drawn to the beautiful color of the sky on this reference photo, and I also liked the lady's hat. Just something simple like that can inspire a painting. Watching wildlife of any kind is a pleasure for me, so seagull watching would be fun also. This original oil painting is for sale for $295.00 and includes free shipping in the Continental USA. Contact me by e-mail for more information.


Friday, March 4, 2011


7 x 7
oil on board
Started this painting, thought I would just put in the background and block it all in for tomorrow... but it all went together rather well, so kept painting and managed to finish it tonight. Ballerina's are so graceful and pretty no matter what they are doing. This painting is for sale for $85.00 and includes free shipping in the Continental USA. Contact me by e-mail for more information:

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Aspen Glen Visitors, Deer

Aspen Glen Visitors
19 x 13
oil on board

This painting took two days to paint because my painting schedule was interrupted. I liked the unusual bending and crooked shape of several aspen trees in my reference photo. Since I had to photograph this painting right after I finished painting, the whites are brighter here, and the colors are not as vivid as they are in the actual painting. This painting was accidentally painted on one of my scrap hardboard boards, it is a bit of a trapezoid (not square or rectangle) but with clever framing will look like a rectangle. because of this, it has been discounted to sell for $50.00. Contact me for more information.