Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mason Jar Floral with Yellow Ribbon

Mason Jar Floral with Yellow Ribbon
12 x 24
oil on wood panel

I was paging through a magazine and came upon a beautiful yellowish background. And thought, I have to do one of my Mason Jar series with this yellow background. Now my painting has lots of yellows in the background. I think it compliments the flowers in the bouquet. This top image is the completed painting. Even though the little statuette was had more grey in it, in the end the duck looks better with the yellow colors.

*(notes from the first post:I have finished this painting for now. I may go back into it once it dries and change a few things. I sort of like the tension between the duck statue and the Mason Jar bouquet. Maybe I will tone down the ducks colors to a softer yellow. Things to think about. )This painting will be for sale once it dries, for $300.00, contact me for shipping details.
Copyright 2012, by the artist, Susan M. Spohn

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Giclee Prints

I had a few Giclee prints made from these paintings. Prints are 8 x 10 inches including the white borders, printed using archival inks and paper. There is a brief bio and other information printed on the back of each print.

Go to my Etsy site to purchase these prints. (click 'Prints' on the left-hand side bar to group them together. This will make it easier to select the one(s) you want to buy.

Prints are priced at just $22.00 (this is a limited time offer)

There are a few other images besides the ones listed here, now available in Giclee prints.

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Facebook Artist Page

I have started a Facebook Artist's page. This is a great way to keep in touch with my latest paintings and show updates. If you are tuned into social media, 'LIKE' my Facebook page and subscribe today. (simply go to my artist's page listed below and 'Like' it)

Autumn Trees

Autumn Trees
30 x 30
oil and paper on boxed wood panel

This painting had an interesting creative process from start to finish. I first primed and gesso'd the board, then using matte mediums, added scraps of paper in leopard and floral motifs to sort of form the outlines of trees and bushes. I then picked up my pallet knives and started painting mixing large quantities of paint, and generously swiping them on the board resulting in a thick, textural and loose painting. In the end, almost all the paper and board are covered, but it was fun to see what would happen in this creative process.
This painting is for sale for $850.00. Contact me to figure out the shipping costs, or if you are passing by my studio, you can pick it up right here.

Copyright 2012, by the artist, Susan M. Spohn