Monday, March 11, 2013

Card Leopard

Card Leopard
original acrylic
5x7 greeting card

This was painted for a cool project, from Art in Hands. (visit their website at:   They pick one artist from each State in the USA and assign each one a card from a deck of cards. I was chosen from Colorado, and the card for me is the 6 of diamond. The theme/subject of this deck of cards is Animals. Well, a lot of my favorite animals were already taken, and after speaking with the presenters of this project, it was decided that I should choice something a little exotic. I then chose a leopard to paint, and above you see the image that will become the 6 of diamond in this deck of cards. Oh, yes, this deck will be for sale also! Each card is a different painting from a different artist! Isn't that neat? I will post an update when this deck is ready.

The other deck of cards they are putting together this year is Food. I am very happy to help represent the Animal deck of cards! Visit my website to purchase my new hand-painted greeting card series.

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