Friday, October 15, 2010

Aspen Study

Today's painting is a study for a possible larger piece. It is an oil painting on watercolor paper measuring 15 inches long by 4  inches wide. This painting is mounted on board and then floated on another board, painted black with a natural wood decorative bevel. I have just titled it "Aspen Study". Sometimes, you look at a photograph and think it is pretty good as a reference photo, but when you paint you often have to make adjustments. This painting follows the photograph with all the basic shapes. I will probably group the aspens a little more if I eventually do a larger painting. You can purchase this piece for $275.00 You can pay using the BUY NOW button below. Contact me using my e-mail address for questions and to give me your shipping address.

This piece has been cropped and mounted on board, then floated on a 1/2 inch board that is painted black with a natural wood bevel. Contact me for shipping & purchasing.

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