Friday, November 5, 2010

Milkweed Garden

15 X 15 Oil on Board

A rather unusual plant is making it's way back into the perennial garden and that plant is the milkweed. Although this plant was quite plentiful in my childhood, the use of modern herbicides has had a major effect on it's decline. The round red buds of the milkweed open to pinky-white star-bursts in round clusters that hang from this plant, like a Christmas ornament out of season. However, the best part of the milkweed would be the lush green leaves which provide food for the caterpillar of the monarch butterfly. And since I love butterflies, this is a perfect addition in today's garden. This original oil painting sells for $295.00 and includes free shipping in the continental USA. Contact me by e-mail for more information:

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