Friday, April 27, 2012

Painterly Riddles

Philippe, from France, excels at creating riddles which in turn lead to treasure hunts, etc...He often uses references to paintings and painters.  He lives in a quaint town in France that was often visited by famous artists. He sent me this riddle in English to solve, but I was unable to solve this riddle. Can you solve it?  I will post the answer next week.

He will be using one of my paintings (7 Geese in the Library Garden) as the image for a large riddle and treasure hunt that will start in France in late September. If you speak French, this would be a fun activity to try and solve here in America. He said most folks work in teams to solve these games.  Any puzzle solvers out there? One of the prizes will be a Giclee print of my painting, "7 Geese in the Library Garden".

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