Sunday, June 29, 2014

Treasure Hunt and Riddles-‘Ysengrin, the Wolf and Butterflies’

I am happy to present this little game. You will have the opportunity to win one of my original oil paintings. ( ‘Ysengrin, the Wolf and Butterflies’ or your choice of a 6x6 original oil)  By solving the riddles you will obtain the clues you need to find where the treasure chest is buried.

These riddles will also be posted on my website blog. This daily blog has been enabled for multiple authors so you can share your thoughts about those riddles. Just let me know you want to be an author and I will enable this link for you.

And now... the official start of the Treasure Hunt,  ‘Ysengrin, the Wolf and Butterflies’. Let the Game begin!

‘Ysengrin, the Wolf and Butterflies’
12 x 12, original oil painting
The Prize!

‘Ysengrin, the Wolf and Butterflies’


1) The first 5 riddles are posted in this newsletter for the month of July. The next 5 riddles will be in the August newsletter. The final riddle is available at the end of August. This information will also be posted on my blogs.

2) You will need to solve all of the riddles, preferably in order. I may post additional clues...

3) Once you have solved the riddles, you will be able to find the buried treasure chest containing the Award Certificate.

4) The small treasure chest is buried in Colorado. You will need a small shovel for this final step. Please photograph where you found the treasure, also take a photo of the treasure box.

5) Send the photos to my email address-

6) If you do not live in Colorado, you can partner up with other players. (a print or two or three may be awarded to team members) If you are looking for team members, please post your request on my blog. (as the saying goes, 'Two heads are better than one.")

Riddle #1:

Riddle #2:

Riddle #3:

Riddle #4:

Riddle #5:

Those are the the first 5 riddles to solve. The next 5 riddles  and the final riddle will be posted in August. You can comment below, ask for team mates, or ask to be a fellow author-- just send me  your email address CLICK HERE. Wishing you all the best of luck.

These riddles for this Treasure Hunt were  created by Philippe Boutry. He lives in Normandy, France. Philippe frequently creates treasure hunts with riddles to solve in France. I am honored that he has created these 11 riddles for my treasure hunt. Thank you Philippe!

Here is a note from Philippe-

Hi everybody,

I am a french guy, my name is Philippe and my pseudo on the web is Ysengrin.

I’ve always been interested in puzzles and for ten years I have published treasure hunts and riddles on the web.

Two years ago I published a great treasure hunt (63 riddles) about the history of painting. In order to make a poster for this treasure hunt, I looked for a picture of geese in a painting, and I found  the " 7 Geese in the Library Garden," painted by Susan. I sent an e-mail to her to ask her for permission to use her painting and she quickly agreed.

After 7 months researching, the winner of this treasure hunt won a reproduction of Susan’s  "7 Geese in the Library Garden".

In order to thank her, I suggested to her to create a little treasure hunt for her blog. So you will soon have 11 puzzles to solve to win a painting signed by Susan….don’t worry, it will be much less difficult than my french puzzles. And if you don’t succeed to solve the riddles, you will find help on Susan’s blog.

Creating riddles is not a job for me, I do it only for the fun. I  retired 3 years ago. Before that, I worked as a chemist in the Normandy plant of an American petrochemical company named Lubrizol. I still live in Normandy, in Sainte-Adresse, a little city on the seaside where many renowned painters lived or spent holidays : Claude Monet, Eugène Boudin, Raoul Dufy….



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