Monday, January 30, 2012

Floral -- Zinnia Garden

Just started this new floral garden piece, I did a quick value study on the painting board and will paint this piece tomorrow.
OK, day two working on this painting, roughing in the colors, textures and lay out of the painting. I worked till past dark so this photo is not very good, the painting is more vibrant. (I had to use the flash) Now the painting is about 1/2 finished. I changed the position of the butterfly so it would tie in with the flowers more, I didn't get a chance to even start on the bumble bee yet, and still have lots of work to do on the flowers.

 Zinnia Garden
18 x 20
oil on board

Finished this painting today. Again, I worked till the light was gone so had to take a flash photo of this painting. Colors are a little more vibrant than what you see here today. I will try to photograph outdoors tomorrow.
Zinnias are one of my favorite summer flowers, and this beautiful garden also has a tiger swallowtail butterfly, another of my favorites! This painting is for sale for $325.00 and comes with free shipping till the end of February for customers in the Continental USA.
Copyright 2012, by the artist, Susan M. Spohn

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