Saturday, February 18, 2012

Floral Patterns with Lizard

Floral Patterns with Lizard
30 x 30
oil on board
This painting has truly been evolving over the last week and a half, as it went from one kind of experimental piece morphing into another. My intent was to have a piece with more contemporary elements and I started off by first painting my board in geometric patterns of varying hues of colored paint. I really liked the effect, but somehow it didn't go with my bouquet of flowers..... The tree branches and birds were always on the scene too along with our noisy lizard. Somehow the painting all pulled together today. It is an unusual painting for me, but a happy piece none-the-less, with lots of texture and happy blossoms .... This painting is for sale for $850.00, contact me for shipping details. Copyright 2012, by the artist, Susan M. Spohn
(painting day one)

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