Saturday, January 21, 2012

Watching Spiders, Floral Diptych

Floral Diptych : Watching Spiders 
36 x 72
oil on 2 boards
(I was unable to get a decent photo of my painting today, so excuse the improper lighting and the fact that the two halves are not next to each other....)  Copyright 2012, by the artist, Susan M. Spohn

I have finished this large diptych of a wonderful flower garden. I painted this piece using mainly pallet knives and then finishing up with some brushes. This was a whimsical, fun adventure starting with just a few photos of some flowers I wanted to use in this garden. Then as I started, I imagined I could see a cat sitting in the garden, watching a spider...... well, the storyline grew from there, until not only was there a resplendent floral garden with a cat and a spider.... but also; a caterpillar, a salamander, 2 frogs, a baby bunny, 3 bees and 4 butterflies! Can you find them all?

Here are some hints:

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