Saturday, June 25, 2011

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Western Scrub Jay
7 x 7
Oil on Board

With so much going on today (Salida Art Walk), (miniature auction--my 2 donations did well in $$$ raised), (an art reception at the Steamplant featuring 2 artists friends) (and the heat!), I am surprised that I was able to paint. Ah, but somehow, I managed to do another small painting.

Whenever you go camping around here you will no doubt see a scrub jay or two begging for bread, or just swooping down to try and grab some of your garbage.  I like this pose for the scrub jay, as he waits patiently in a tree, just observing.

The first image was taken right after painting, the second a day later  outside as the painting is drying.... and then I will post a final painting here once the painting is completely dry so you can hopefully see how the colors intensify and deepen....OK, I have posted the dried painting as the 3rd image. It was darkening with clouds outside, so the actual painting is brighter than this photo.

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