Sunday, January 9, 2011

Diptych--Fall 2010, Salida Landscape

Diptych--Fall 2010
15 x 30
Oil on 2 Boards

We had a fabulous fall in 2010. I took quite a few walks thru various parks and open spaces; each time bringing my camera along to snap photos..... Since the photos were all wonderful, it is often difficult to choose what to paint. I chose this scene because of the leaning tree in the forefront.  It divides the diptych, and yet it also joins the scene together. The composition has both a peacefulness and a tension, similar to the feeling of fall, although strikingly beautiful, you know winter is on its way. 

I used both brushes and pallet knives while painting this landscape. When you view the painting in person, you will see the heavy application of oil paint with the pallet knife. This painting is for sale for $500.00 and includes free shipping in the continental USA. E-mail me for more details:

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